Beauxlim Collagen Mix with Pomegranate is a unique combination of powerful brightening ingredients – pomegranate extract and tea polyphenols. This dual brightening approach works wonders for my skin! In just 2 weeks, my skin is noticeably brighter. There is no more dullness and my freckles have lightened I was even happier when I noticed my skin becoming smooth and moist all over, beyond just my face.

I love the results. In 1 month, my skin is significantly brighter, clearer and rosier even without makeup! It’s amazing. This is an easy and delicious way of getting beautiful skin.

Beauxlim Collagen Mix石榴膠原美膚飲内含很特别的美白成分—石榴精华和茶多酚,双效出击果然不同凡响!我只饮用了两个星期,看着镜子里的自己,不禁“哇!”了一声,因为肌肤明显亮了一号,原本蜡黄、暗沉的问题也不见了,甚至雀斑也开始变淡了呢!不止提亮方面很有感,Beauxlim Collagen Mix石榴膠原美膚飲也具有护肤圣品—胶原蛋白,迅速就为我的肌肤补足水份,不止脸蛋漂亮,全身的肌肤也滑溜溜的,实在让人感到惊喜!持续饮用1个月后,我的肌肤明显比之前更亮!更白!更透!现在就算素颜不化妆,也都看起来娇嫩欲滴,红润好气色!而且酸酸甜甜的石榴滋味,真好喝!

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